World Cup 2023: Sachin Tendulkar Virtually Honors India’s Fielding Stars; Shreyas Iyer Receives Top Honor

In a heartwarming virtual ceremony, cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar joined India’s fielding coach T Dilip to honor the exceptional fielding efforts of the Indian cricket team after their victory against Sri Lanka. Tendulkar, speaking via video message, praised captain Rohit Sharma and the team management for their innovative team bonding exercises, particularly the fielding medal ceremony, emphasizing its significance as a testament to commitment and camaraderie.

Reflecting on the team’s stellar performance, Tendulkar shared an inspiring anecdote from the 2003 World Cup, highlighting the importance of commitment and teamwork. He commended the current team for their dedication and exceptional brand of cricket, expressing his joy in watching their matches.


During the ceremony, Tendulkar announced Shreyas Iyer as the recipient of the best fielder medal for the Sri Lanka match. Iyer’s outstanding fielding and fearless batting prowess earned him the prestigious honor. Fielding coach Dilip also praised KL Rahul for his outstanding efforts and Ravindra Jadeja for his remarkable catches. He lauded Shreyas Iyer as a “silent sniper,” emphasizing his agility and accuracy in fielding.

The ceremony, witnessed by the entire Indian cricket team and support staff, resonated with a sense of unity and pride, showcasing the team’s relentless commitment to excellence on the field.