World Cup 2023: Quinton de Kock’s resplendent innings ends without double ton

In a thrilling encounter under the dazzling lights of Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium, Quinton de Kock, the South African dynamo, showcased a batting masterclass, crossing the formidable 150-run milestone. His blade cut through the Bangladeshi bowlers with precision and power, leaving the crowd in awe of his sublime strokeplay. However, the crescendo of his innings reached its peak when Hasan Mahmud, the Bangladeshi pacer, delivered a calculated low full toss outside off.

De Kock, perhaps carried away by the intoxicating rhythm of his innings, deliberately sliced the ball, aiming for yet another boundary. Yet, fate had different plans. The ball soared towards the deep, where Nasum Ahmed patiently waited. With impeccable timing and composure, Nasum secured the catch just inside the rope, executing a reverse cup that silenced the stadium momentarily. De Kock, while departing, couldn’t hide his disbelief at the precise placement of the fielder.


As de Kock made his way back to the pavilion, the Wankhede crowd rose in a bittersweet applause, acknowledging the brilliance of his innings even as they held their breath in anticipation. His departure, however, injected a newfound energy into the Bangladeshi camp. With one of the most formidable South African batsmen now back in the hut, Bangladesh saw a glimmer of hope, a chance to tighten their grip on the game and shift the momentum in their favor.

The question now looming large in the stadium’s atmosphere is whether Bangladesh can capitalize on this breakthrough and harness the opportunity to wrest control from the South African juggernaut.

SCORE – Quinton de Kock c Nasum Ahmed b Hasan Mahmud 174(140) – 309/4 in 45.1 ov.