World Cup 2023: Pat Cummins Advocates for Larger Squads Amidst Maxwell and Marsh Absence

Australian cricket captain Pat Cummins expressed his concerns about the squad size in the ongoing World Cup, stating that teams should have been allowed more than 15 players considering the tournament’s two-month duration. Cummins voiced his opinion during a press conference, citing the challenges faced by teams due to injuries and unexpected circumstances.

He highlighted the absence of star players Glenn Maxwell and Mitchell Marsh, with Maxwell suffering a golf-related injury and Marsh returning home for personal reasons. Cummins emphasized the need for flexibility in squad selection, especially in a lengthy tournament like the World Cup.


Cummins hoped for Maxwell’s return in the clash against Afghanistan, while expressing uncertainty about Marsh’s availability. Despite the setbacks, Cummins remained optimistic about Australia’s chances to secure a spot in the semifinals.

In contrast to Cummins’ perspective, New Zealand cricketer Glenn Philips supported the existing squad size of 15 players, deeming it “perfect.” Philips argued that the regulations allowed teams to fly in replacements if necessary, providing adequate flexibility while maintaining the integrity of the game.

The contrasting viewpoints of Cummins and Philips shed light on the ongoing debate within the cricketing community regarding the optimal squad size for major tournaments, reflecting the challenges faced by teams and their varying opinions on the matter.