World Cup 2023: Marco Jansen’s Precision Bowling Sends Southee Packing

In a display of pinpoint accuracy, Marco Jansen, the towering pacer, struck a crucial blow for South Africa by dismissing the dangerous Tim Southee in a World Cup clash against New Zealand.

The dismissal showcased Jansen’s ability to exploit the batsman’s vulnerability and hit the stumps with precision.


The delivery that led to Southee’s departure was a full-length ball aimed directly at the stumps. Southee, attempting a flick, shuffled across the crease but failed to connect with the bat. The ball struck Southee’s left pad in line with the stumps, leaving the umpire with an easy decision to make.

Despite the dismissal appearing straightforward, Southee opted for a review, possibly encouraged by his teammate Phillips. However, the review only confirmed what the naked eye had already seen – there was no bat involved.

The UltraEdge technology ruled out any contact with the bat, leaving the focus on ball-tracking. To New Zealand’s dismay, all three reds lit up on the ball-tracking system, indicating that the ball would have crashed into the middle stump.