World Cup 2023: Maharaj’s Masterclass Spins New Zealand into Trouble

In a display of exquisite spin bowling, Keshav Maharaj, South Africa’s left-arm spinner, turned the tables in a crucial World Cup encounter against New Zealand. Maharaj’s exceptional delivery left Jimmy Neesham stunned, marking a pivotal moment in the match.

The ball that sent Neesham back to the pavilion was a thing of beauty – flighted outside off, enticing the batsman into a forward defensive stroke.


Maharaj cleverly imparted a touch of away drift to the delivery, making it land enticingly outside the off-stump. As Neesham committed to his block, the ball gripped the surface and spun back sharply, sneaking through the narrow gap between bat and pad.

The precision and skill displayed by Maharaj were evident as the ball crashed into the leg-stump, leaving Neesham utterly bamboozled. While replays suggested a faint inside edge, the sheer brilliance of Maharaj’s delivery couldn’t be denied.

Maharaj’s celebration mirrored the significance of the wicket – he was visibly pumped up after executing a textbook example of spin bowling.