World Cup 2023: “It’s not Afghani boy…,” Mujeeb ur Rahman replies to netizens

In a momentous upset at the 2023 Cricket World Cup, Afghanistan made headlines by securing a resounding 69-run victory over the defending champions, England, at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi. The Afghan team’s stellar performance left cricket enthusiasts in awe, but it was a touching moment off the field that truly stole the limelight.

During the presentation ceremony, Afghanistan’s star spinner, Mujeeb Ur Rahman, was awarded the Player of the Match for his exceptional contribution to the team’s victory. However, it was not just his performance that captured hearts; it was his heartfelt dedication that resonated deeply with the audience.


Mujeeb Ur Rahman took the opportunity to dedicate his outstanding performance to his homeland, Afghanistan. In a heartfelt speech, he expressed his desire to offer this significant win to the people back home who have been affected by recent earthquakes. His words were laced with emotion, making the victory all the more special and meaningful.

The young Indian fan, who witnessed this touching gesture, was visibly moved by Mujeeb Ur Rahman’s words. The interaction between the player and the fan became a symbol of sportsmanship and unity, transcending borders and cultures. It showcased the power of sports to bring people together, not just as competitors but as fellow human beings.

Mujeeb’s Tweet –

It’s not afghani boy it’s one young Indian boy so happy for ur win It was absolute pleasure meeting this little guy from India Delhi last night (Cricket is not just a game it’s an emotion)Big thank you to all our amazing fans for coming down and supporting us last night the love and support is overwhelming. We are grateful for your continuous support and we can’t wait for you to keep supporting us in the future thanks for love Delhi – Mujeeb tweeted