World Cup 2023 IND vs PAK: Rizwan and Nawaz talk in Pashto to confound Indian batters

In the high-stakes arena of international cricket, communication on the field can often be as crucial as the skills displayed with the bat and ball. During the recent match between Pakistan and India, a subtle yet strategic move unfolded on the field, leaving cricket enthusiasts intrigued.

Pakistan’s wicketkeeper-batsman, Mohammad Rizwan, and all-rounder Mohammad Nawaz, showcased their astuteness by conversing in Pashto, a language not commonly understood by Indian players. This linguistic maneuver, while seemingly inconspicuous, served a significant purpose: to confound the Indian batters.


In the midst of the game’s intensity, Rizwan and Nawaz, both proficient in Pashto, utilized their native tongue to discuss game strategies, field placements, and tactical moves.

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