World Cup 2023: Hasan Ali clinches 100 ODI Wickets for Pakistan in New Zealand clash

Hasan Ali’s Milestone Moment: Conway Departs, Pakistan Secures Crucial Breakthrough

In a nail-biting encounter between New Zealand and Pakistan at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, Hasan Ali, the seasoned Pakistani pacer, reached a significant milestone, claiming his 100th ODI wicket.

The breakthrough came in a crucial moment of the match when Ali dismissed the formidable Devon Conway, sending him back to the pavilion.


Ali’s clever strategy involved delivering a short-pitched delivery wide outside off, forcing Conway to attempt a pull shot.

However, Conway misjudged the ball’s trajectory, resulting in an under edge that looped off his shoulder, landing in the waiting hands of wicketkeeper Rizwan.

Although Rizwan’s initial reaction was composed, Hasan Ali immediately recognized the opportunity, and his confidence was justified when umpire Richard Kettleborough raised his finger, signaling Conway’s departure.

Conway, who had been anchoring the innings, departed after contributing a valuable 35 runs off 39 deliveries, featuring six boundaries.

The dismissal brought a sigh of relief to the Pakistani camp and added a new level of intensity to the match. Hasan Ali’s achievement of reaching 100 ODI wickets showcased his skill and experience, proving crucial for Pakistan’s quest for victory in this pivotal World Cup clash.