World Cup 2023: Haris Rauf’s Well-Executed Short Ball Dismisses Shakib, Providing Vital Breakthrough for Pakistan

WORLD CUP PAK vs BAN: In a pivotal moment during the intense clash, Pakistani bowler Haris Rauf showcased his expertise with a perfectly executed short-pitched delivery, clocking in at a remarkable 141.3kph.

The ball, rising sharply above the waist, enticed Bangladeshi batsman Shakib into an aggressive pull shot. However, Shakib’s attempt proved futile as he only managed to connect with the ball’s top edge.


The outcome was a high, looping shot that soared into the air, creating a moment of anticipation on the field. Agha Salman, stationed at mid-wicket, exhibited excellent fielding skills as he settled under the ball.

Despite the ball threatening to pop out of his grip, Salman remained composed, executing a reverse-cup catch that sent Shakib back to the pavilion.

Shakib’s departure marked a crucial breakthrough for Pakistan, disrupting his rhythm just as he began to accelerate the scoring rate. With this wicket, the focus shifted to the tail-enders, intensifying the battle between bat and ball.