Will Rohit Sharma surpass Chris Gayle’s record during the 2023 World Cup?

The Hitman is just three sixes away from becoming the top batter to hit maximum international sixes.

The Indian skipper is all set to lead his team in the 2023 World Cup happening in India. The tournament kicks off on October 5, with 10 teams participating from all around the world. We will be seeing some extraordinary cricket this year, but what awaits the Hitman is how quickly he can surpass Gayle’s record of hitting the maximum international sixes.

Gayle, known for his power hitting, has banged 553 sixes in 483 international matches, whereas Rohit Sharma stands next with just three less than the West Indian. Sharma has so far hit 292 sixes in ODIs, 77 in tests, and 182 in T20 internationals, for a total of 551 sixes.



The Indian skipper was happy that he is on the verge of breaking a valuable record and that he never imagined he would come to a stage where he would be able to break Chris Gayle’s record.

“It will be a unique record, for sure. Never in my life would I have imagined that I would be the one to break Chris Gayle’s record. It is funny. I am not a muscle person, but I like hitting the ball hard, Sharma said on Vimal Kumar’s YouTube channel.

Sharma also stated that when he started playing cricket, it was more about fundamental tactics and timing than playing aerial shots. He also mentioned how it is scary to see someone get injured because of the aerial shots, which also turned out to be a reason for avoiding big shots.

“When I started playing cricket, we were told to time the ball. The aerial shots we play, we were asked to cut down. We used to practice in school, so there was no chance of hitting the ball in the air because that could have hit someone”, Sharma added.

However, we all know what damage this Hitman can do once he starts going. Let’s see if Rohit can break the record in the very first match of India in the World Cup, or do we have to wait a little longer to see him become the top hitter in the international sixes category.