“Will approach the court, if BCA’s violations are not ordered and followed” claims IPL petitioner Aditya Verma to BCCI chief

Indian Premier League Petitioner Aditya Verma in his letter stated if he becomes a blind eye to the honourable Supreme Court for the violations of the BCA, then he will approach the court to contempt Sourav Ganguly for various punishments by the law.

Secretary of Cricket Association of Bihar and the Indian Premier League petitioner Aditya Verma on Monday, submitted a letter to the BCCI chief Sourav Ganguly asking him to constantly review and looking into the violations been put by Bihar Cricket Association, by failing to which he will be indefinitely forced to approach the court in quick succession all over the country. He mentioned in his letter, that if his orders aren’t respected towards the point of the view of the BCCI, he will make Ganguly held responsibly and will put him in contempt of the orders of the Supreme Court.

Verma was seen in a lot of anger about the approach made by the BCCI with this subjective matter not been taken into discussions or any consideration. Verma was very upset after taking full responsibility for the Bihar cricket association after he tried and pleaded to listen to his decisions so that a permanent action can be done by the BCCI.


Aditya Verma in his latest press conference commented about the BCCI by stating “I would like to bring to your kind attention that, out of the new associations that became members of the BCCI, the office bearers were made in charge of the respective associations, whereby you got the charge of Bihar Cricket, but till date, I have received no communication from BCCI / yourself in response to the representation that I had submitted to BCCI under the directions of the Supreme Court of India, which is a clear violation and contempt of the orders of Supreme Court of India,”

Aditya Verma was also stunned by the fact with how the Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) wasn’t been punished despite going ahead of organising their league after not told to by the BCCI entirely. Verma is very much hopeful that the BCCI and the Indian Cricket Team board will take some immediate action to save Bihar Cricket.