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WI vs IND: Teams to fly Guyana citing visa issues

India’s ongoing T20I series against the hosts – West Indies are scheduled to play the last two games in Florida but with the issue over player’s visa to travel.

The hosts of the matches, Cricket West Indies (CWI), haven’t given up hope, though, as the most recent news out of the West Indies Board is that both teams will be flying to Georgetown, Guyana, on Wednesday (August 3), when appointments have been scheduled with the American Embassy there.

“The US VISA entry appointments are booked for Wednesday in Guyana. All the relevant applications, etc have been done. Beyond that, we have no control. But we are optimistic,” CWI president Ricky Skerritt told Cricbuzz

The teams aim to get there by Thursday for the two matches, which are on Saturday and Sunday (August and 7) in Miami, Florida. Miami and Georgetown, Guyana, are connected by five-hour flight.