Whenever we go out, we just keep pulling his legs: Siraj on Mukesh Kumar

Indian fast bowler Mohammed Siraj showcased his extraordinary growth as a cricketer during the ongoing Trinidad Test against the West Indies.

Despite being a Test cricketer for just over two years, Siraj led India’s inexperienced fast bowling unit on an overseas assignment, impressively picking up five wickets for 60 runs, his career-best figures.

“I’m really thankful to Soham bhai (S&C coach) and credit to him for working on my fitness. I’m playing continuously and he works so hard with me. From proteins to omegas, he orders everything for me. Look at this whoop band [fitness tracker], he only ordered it…

“To be honest, I feel really good when you are given an extra responsibility [of leading the attack]. It’s a great feeling and it’s a challenge too. When no one else is there, I have to get on the ground and show some responsibility. I like accepting this challenge,” Siraj added.

He displayed exceptional skills against both left and right-handed batsmen, making him a challenging bowler to contend with. Beyond his cricketing abilities, Siraj’s dedication to fitness has played a pivotal role in his evolution. As the spearhead of the fast-bowling attack, he also embraced mentoring duties, supporting debutant Mukesh Kumar.

“Mukesh has been around with us. He’s not new to this. He has performed in Ranji Trophy on some really difficult wickets. It’s not easy to take wickets in Ranji, there are some wickets even flatter than this. It’s an achievement to perform there. And then to come here, to control his nerves and execute is not easy. It’s his first match for India, that too a Test match. It’s not easy to bowl these long spells and he bowls with a lot of intensity. It’s not easy.

“Whenever we go out, we just keep pulling his legs, ‘what’s happening back home?’ etc. Fast bowlers we always have a bonding. We share and take each other along.”