West Indies becomes the latest team dedicated to gender pay equity

In a groundbreaking move, the West Indies cricket team has taken a significant step toward gender equality by pledging to achieve pay equity between their male and female players. This initiative aligns with the recent global efforts to bridge the pay gap in cricket, following the ICC’s announcement of prize money parity for men’s and women’s teams at ICC tournaments.

Building on the momentum set by cricket boards such as New Zealand, India, Australia, South Africa, and England, the West Indies has embraced the cause of gender pay equity. The commitment was formalized through a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed on Thursday between Cricket West Indies and the West Indies Players’ Association.


The MOU outlines a comprehensive plan that charts the course for West Indies cricket to attain parity in various aspects, including international and regional match fees, international captain’s allowances, international team prize money, and regional individual prize money. This transformative endeavor aims to realize gender pay equity for all West Indies cricketers by the targeted date of October 1, 2027.