Watch: England cricketer gives savage reply in Hindi to Sarfaraz Khan’s sledge of “Hindi bhi aati hai kya tereko?”

A video capturing a light-hearted exchange between Indian cricketer Sarfaraz Khan and England’s Shoaib Bashir during the Ranchi Test match quickly went viral.

In his debut series for India, Sarfaraz was caught on camera engaging in a bit of sledging against Bashir. Positioned at the silly point, very close to the batsman, Sarfaraz attempted to unsettle Bashir by questioning his playing skills and understanding of Hindi, asking, “Aree yaar ise khelna bhi aata hai? Hindi bhi aati hai kya tereko? which meant –  “Does this player even know how to play? Do you even understand Hindi?”


Bashir’s witty retort, “Ha bhai thodi thodi aati hai” which meant “Yes brother, I understand a bit of Hindi,” not only diffused the tension but also elicited laughter from players on the field. This friendly banter between the two players was well-received on social media, inspiring a flurry of memes and comments celebrating the humorous interaction.

Watch the video: