Virat Kohli the most popular Asian celebrity with combined 165.2 million followers on social media

Cricketers across all parts of India are very much loved and most followed celebrities in India. Cricketers have a huge amount of fan following, fans not only love them on social media but also in real. Among them one such cricketer is Indian captain Virat Kohli who has the most number of followers on social media.

Virat Kohli has 82.7M followers on Instagram, 39M followers on Twitter and 43.5M people follow him on Facebook (165.2) and has become the first most followed Asian celebrity to have 82.7M followers on Instagram. The Indian captain has left the India’s prime minister Narendra Modi behind in terms of popularity. The prime minister standing on the second position has a total of 159.9M followers.  


Virat Kohli also achieved a new milestone when he overtook NBA and Los Angeles Lakers star, LeBron James, in terms of popularity on social media.