Virat Kohli talks about Babar Azam, claims the Pakistani skipper to be “top batsman in the world”

Prior to their eagerly anticipated matchup in the Asia Cup on Sunday, star Indian batter Virat Kohli discussed his relationship with Pakistani captain Babar Azam. Babar has always treated him with “respect and regard,” according to Kohli, who claimed he first met him during the 2019 World Cup, and that hasn’t changed despite Babar’s rise in prominence. Babar is currently “the top batsman in the world across formats,” according to Kohli, who also praised him as the type of player that cricket needs.

“The first interaction I had with him was the 2019 World Cup after the game in Manchester. Him and Imad (Wasim). Imad I have known since Under-19 cricket, we have played against each other and Imad said Babar wanted to have a chat,” Kohli said in a chat with Star Sports.


“We sat down and spoke about the game. I saw a lot of regard and respect from him and that hasn’t changed regardless of the fact that he is probably the top batsman in the world right now across formats, performing so consistently,” the former India skipper said.

“And rightly so, he has amazing talent and I have always enjoyed watching him play. So that hasn’t changed. He is performing now and he is coming into his own, but I don’t see his attitude or his approach change towards me, which is a very good sign of someone who is very grounded in his foundations of his upbringing,” Kohli continued.

“His cricketing foundations as well are very solid. So these kinds of players, these kind of characters go a long way and inspire a lot of people. And I see that happening with him as well,” he said.