Viacom18 clinches coveted BCCI Media Rights for 2023-2028 period

In a significant development for the cricketing landscape, Viacom18, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, has emerged victorious in securing the coveted media rights for both domestic and international cricket matches set to be played in India. The conglomerate has not only secured the television rights but has also laid claim to the digital broadcasting domain, marking a comprehensive victory in the realm of cricket media rights.

The newly acquired media rights encompass a five-year period, spanning from 2023 to 2028. During this tenure, cricket enthusiasts can anticipate a dynamic viewing experience with Viacom18 at the helm of broadcasting. The agreement ensures that cricket aficionados will be able to catch all the exhilarating cricketing action on the Sports18 television platform, while simultaneously enjoying live streaming through the JioCinemas app.


The BCCI media rights were presented in two distinct packages, catering to both television and digital platforms. Package A, designed for television broadcasts, boasted a base price of Rs. 20 crore per match. On the other hand, Package B, tailored for digital streaming and encompassing global audiences, carried a base price of Rs. 25 crore for each match.

The upcoming broadcast cycle, set to kick off in September 2023 and extend till March 2028, promises to captivate cricket enthusiasts with an array of international matches. Initially projected at 88 matches, the number could potentially surge to an exhilarating 102 matches. The span of these matches encompasses various formats of the game, ensuring that cricket aficionados are treated to a diverse array of thrilling contests.

With Viacom18 securing the media rights for BCCI’s home international games, a new era of cricket broadcasting is set to unfold. The company, renowned for its live action offerings on both the JioCinemas app and the Sports18 television channel, demonstrated its commitment by sealing a deal worth INR 67.8 crore per game.