Unforgettable Ashes Victories: Closest wins by wickets remaining

The Ashes, one of cricket’s most iconic and fiercely contested rivalries, has witnessed numerous thrilling encounters throughout its history. Among the most captivating moments are the closest victories achieved with wickets remaining. In this article, we explore six unforgettable matches that showcased the intensity and drama of the Ashes, with a particular focus on the historic clash at Edgbaston in 2023, where Pat Cummins etched his name into Ashes folklore.

1. England, The Oval, 1901:
In this closely fought match, England clinched victory against Australia by a single wicket remaining. The tension was palpable as England’s last pair, George Hirst and Wilfred Rhodes, battled valiantly to chase down the target. With nerves of steel, they held their ground and guided England to a thrilling triumph.


2. England, Melbourne, 1907-08:
Another nail-biting encounter took place in Melbourne, with England emerging victorious by a solitary wicket. The hero of the match was Roger Hartigan, whose unbeaten knock of 39 proved instrumental in securing the win for England.

3. England, Headingley, 2019:
In a recent Ashes thriller, England scripted a remarkable comeback to defeat Australia by a wicket in hand. Ben Stokes played a monumental innings, defying all odds with his heroic 135 not out. His partnership with Jack Leach will forever be etched in Ashes history.

4. England, The Oval, 1890:
This Ashes battle witnessed a breathtaking contest, with England prevailing by two wickets. Bobby Peel’s outstanding all-round performance, including a crucial six-wicket haul in Australia’s second innings, set the stage for England’s nail-biting victory.

5. Australia, Sydney, 1907-08:
Australia showcased their resilience in this closely fought encounter, defeating England by a slender two-wicket margin. Monty Noble’s stellar century in Australia’s second innings proved to be the decisive factor, securing an unforgettable triumph for the home team.

6. Australia, Edgbaston, 2023:
Among these historic victories, the Edgbaston clash of 2023 holds a special place. Pat Cummins, the Australian spearhead, left an indelible mark on Ashes folklore with his match-winning heroics. As the tension mounted, Cummins showcased impeccable timing and finesse, guiding the ball past the fielder at third man and sending it crashing into the boundary ropes. This defining moment triggered jubilation in the Australian dressing room and left the home crowd silenced. The resounding win not only gave Australia a thrilling 1-0 lead in the series but also demonstrated their unwavering determination and set the stage for an exhilarating Ashes battle.

Closest wins in Ashes (by wickets remaining)
1 – England, The Oval, 1901
1 – England, Melbourne, 1907-08
1 – England, Headingley, 2019
2 – England, The Oval, 1890
2 – Australia, Sydney, 1907-08
2 – Australia, Edgbaston, 2023