Umesh Yadav’s early breakthrough on Day 4 deals blow to Australia in WTC Final 2023

In a crucial moment on the fourth day of the WTC Final 2023, Umesh Yadav, the Indian pacer, delivered a significant blow to the Australian team by dismissing Marnus Labuschagne. Despite Australia’s advantage with a lead of 297 runs, losing Labuschagne early in the day’s play was a setback for the Australian side.

As the match progressed, India was desperate for wickets to halt Australia’s dominance. Umesh Yadav, known for his ability to generate pace and movement, stepped up to the challenge in the third over of the day. With Australia at 5 wickets down, Labuschagne’s wicket was crucial for India to mount a fightback.


Umesh Yadav’s delivery to Labuschagne was nothing short of spectacular. The ball was pitched on a good length just around off stump, kicking up slightly and nipping away from the right-hander. Labuschagne, looking to defend, could only manage an outside edge. The ball flew quickly off the bat towards first slip, where Cheteshwar Pujara made a slightly awkward catch to dismiss the Australian batsman.