Travis Head scores a crucial fifty in WTC Finals 2023 against India

In a high-stakes battle at the WTC Finals 2023 between Australia and India, Travis Head emerged as a key player for his team as he displayed resilience and skill to score a hard-fought fifty. The moment arrived during a crucial passage of play when the Indian bowlers were applying pressure. Head’s ability to time the ball rather than relying on brute force was evident as he effortlessly guided the ball through the covers, earning a well-deserved boundary.

Facing Shardul Thakur’s delivery, clocked at 135kph, Head skillfully hopped on his feet to counter the short-of-length ball. With perfect timing and precision, he drove the ball through the covers, showcasing a stroke of brilliance. The boundary not only added crucial runs to the Australian total but also brought up Head’s fifty, a testament to his determination and ability to perform under pressure.


Travis Head’s performance throughout the World Test Championship (WTC) cycle has been remarkable. He maintained the highest strike-rate among all batsmen during this period, and his consistency has been a key factor in Australia’s success. Even in the final match, Head continued to showcase his attacking approach and ability to score quickly.