Top-5 highest totals in T20 world cup history

As T20 world cup 2024 approaches, the teams are gearing up to score quickly, aiming to bag the world cup. India will be favorites to life the trophy.

As the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 approaches, cricket fans reminisce about the electrifying moments of past tournaments, especially the awe-inspiring batting displays that led to record team totals. Here, we delve into the top 5 highest team totals in the history of the T20 World Cup:

1. Sri Lanka (260 runs) against Kenya in 2007: On September 14, 2007, Sri Lanka unleashed a batting blitzkrieg, amassing a colossal total of 260/6 against Kenya. Their remarkable performance showcased not only their batting prowess but also their dominance in the tournament.


2. England (230 runs) against South Africa in 2016: March 18, 2016, witnessed England’s batting juggernaut as they posted an impressive total of 230/8 against South Africa. This display highlighted England’s formidable batting lineup and their ability to set daunting targets.

3. South Africa (229 runs) against England in 2016: In the same match on March 18, 2016, South Africa flexed their batting muscles, registering a formidable total of 229/4 against England. This showcased their strength in batting and their capability to compete at the highest level of T20 cricket.

4. India (218 runs) against England in 2007: On September 19, 2007, India showcased their batting depth with a noteworthy total of 218/4 against England. This display underscored India’s ability to rise to the occasion and put up competitive scores in crucial matches.

5. South Africa (211 runs) against Scotland in 2009: June 7, 2009, saw South Africa’s consistency as they posted a total of 211/5 against Scotland. This performance highlighted their ability to perform under pressure and maintain high standards in the T20 World Cup.

These top team totals epitomize the excitement and thrill of T20 cricket on the global stage, showcasing the power-hitting abilities of teams and the electrifying encounters that define the essence of the ICC T20 World Cup. As cricket enthusiasts gear up for the upcoming tournament, they eagerly anticipate witnessing more exhilarating performances and record-breaking feats on the field.