The Kiwis didn’t bowl bouncers against Pak but why?

Cricket is a batsman’s game. bowlers have hardly anything to improvise, However, bouncers often lead to head injuries. Philip Hughes a rising star batsman from Australia was one such victim. Hughe’s was hit on the side neck by Sean Abbott’s bouncer. The 25 year old Australian died on 27th November 2014. The incident left the cricket fraternity in shock and despair.

On the same day, New Zealand was playing against Pakistan. The Black Caps didn’t bowl a single bouncer on that day. The Kiwis are always known for their sportsman spirit. Their gesture was applauded around the world.

Hughes death was ruled an accident, However that changed myriad of things relating to the design of helmets. Phillip Hughes was on 63 when Abbott bowled a 135 km per hour bouncer that skidded on the Sydney Cricket Ground pitch. Phillip Hughes was slightly late on the pull and he was hit on the side of the neck. after a few moments, Hughes collapsed.

Hughes rushed to a hospital in Sydney and surgery was performed. After two days, no positive reports were coming from the hospital. The chances of survival were very slim due to cerebral hemorrhage.

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