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What’s more important than placing your bet on cricket is having a cricket betting technique with less risk. First and foremost, a bettor needs to have a clear understanding of the concept of cricket betting.

After that, they should focus on defining a cricket betting technique with less risk. If you’re someone who wants to get huge payouts with cricket betting, it’s imperative to determine a strategy for yourself.

Having a betting strategy in cricket helps you eliminate uncertainty, risks, and maximize your profits. Even for starters, if begin with a strategy, they can yield great results.

Benefits Of Using A Good Cricket Betting Technique With Less Risk

An efficient cricket betting technique with less risk helps you maximize your earnings along with reducing the risks. But, an effective strategy will not work the same for all. So, for that, you have to figure out what works the best for you.

Here, we have a look at some of the best cricket betting techniques with less risk.

Top 7 Cricket Betting Techniques With Less Risk

By now, you must have known the importance of having a strategy in place. A solid and effective strategy is vital to securing great and frequent wins in cricket betting.

A great thing: These 7 cricket betting techniques with less risk aren’t limited to IPL betting only. You can apply the same to other sports and tournaments as well.

  1. Dogon Strategy

Dogon is the most popular yet straightforward cricket betting technique with less risk. It can be the easiest strategy to implement for starters.

The concept of Dogon Strategy is to double your stakes after every loss. And you keep doing the same until you reach a point of covering all your losses and make some profit as well.

You should take care of the fact that it’s an elementary betting strategy. While Dogon Strategy may get you great wins for short-term. When done recklessly, it may harm you.

  1. Flat Betting Strategy

It’s a strategy that’s made for new players who are in the stage of exploring cricket betting. It’s the only strategy that holds so less risk.

The notion of the Flat betting strategy is keeping your stakes of the same amount in every bet. No matter how many bets you make, you need to keep the wagers of constant value.

It’s the best idea to play smartly as a newbie. This strategy doesn’t hold much risk unlike the others. And ensures that you don’t hurt your bankroll.

  1. ‘Percentage of Bank’ Betting Strategy

As the name explains itself, in the Percentage of bank strategy, your bets are worth a fixed percentage of your bankroll. This cricket betting technique with less risk also works great for newbies.

We can define three common categories in this strategy.

  1. Conservative (1-3%)
  2. Moderate (3-5%)
  3. Aggressive (6-10%)
  4. Chaotic (10% or greater)

The most feasible option is the moderate strategy. You can bet 3% of your bankroll on volatile options. And 5% of more confident options.

  1. Oscar’s Grind

With a little twist in the Dogon Strategy, Oscar’s grind was made. In this strategy, you double your stakes after every win. Here, you have to keep the wager amount the same during the losses no matter what.

This strategy has two aspects; Sittings and Units. A sitting begins with a unit bet and keeps going on until you earn a unit profit. After you win one sitting, the next one starts along! Newbies are advised to avoid this cricket betting technique.

  1. Ladder System

The ladder system is a mathematical cricket betting technique with less risk. It requires you to bet all the earned amount on the next wager. The best principle is betting on events with the lowest odds.

Considering the last performances, if you feel CSK will win over DC, place your bets on that. CSK has the lowest odds here.

You also need to define the number of bets in a cycle. The preferred cycle includes 3 or 5 bets. However, losing one bet in this strategy may cost you losing everything!

  1. Danish System

The Danish system is a progressive cricket betting technique with less risk. Here, you increase your either by one unit or the amount you started with after every bet. Also, you have to increase the odds as well by minimum 0.5.

Undoubtedly, this strategy has the potential to cover all your losses. You can bag a great win and earn high profits. However, it can also harm you if you’ve been caught up by a streak of losses.

  1. Kelly Criterion Betting Strategy

In Kelly Criterion betting strategy, you set a specific amount to bet. And you have to do it without harming your bankroll.

For this strategy, you need to check the possibility of any certain outcome. Understand the game, the players and all. Following that, wager on an outcome with the highest possibility.

If played right, it’s a cricket betting technique with less risk.

Disclaimer: Gambling involves an element of financial risk and maybe addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk. Subject to applicable laws.
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