The Ashes 2023: Josh Hazlewood’s stellar record in England

Josh Hazlewood finds himself in a familiar situation, awaiting confirmation of his inclusion in the first Ashes Test at Edgbaston. However, he acknowledges that history may repeat itself as he understands the likelihood of being able to play the entire series is slim, considering his recent injury history.

With an impressive tally of 222 Test wickets and a remarkable average of 23.58 in England, Josh Hazlewood has established himself as a formidable bowler in English conditions. His consistent performances have solidified his credentials, although concerns about his durability have arisen due to a string of injuries. Despite this, coaches and medical staff have been cautious not to directly attribute his absences solely to his physical condition, as some of the matches he missed were also affected by the challenging conditions in Pakistan and Sri Lanka.


Hazlewood expressed his desire to make a resounding statement when he made his comeback against South Africa in January. He delivered an impressive bowling display, showcasing his ability to generate reverse swing. However, his exertions as part of a two-man pace attack took a toll on his fitness once again, leading to another sidelining. Nevertheless, Hazlewood now looks forward with great anticipation.

As he approaches the upcoming series, Hazlewood’s confidence is bolstered by his strong track record in England. He acknowledges his success in these conditions and feels well-equipped to perform at his best. While doubts may linger about his durability, Hazlewood’s focus remains on the excitement of what the English team has achieved in the past 18 months. He believes that the competitive environment created by England’s recent performances will bring out the best in him and his fellow cricketers.

Looking ahead, Hazlewood’s outstanding record in England serves as a testament to his skills and adaptability as a bowler. His confidence in these conditions is a valuable asset for the Australian team. As he prepares to take the field, the anticipation of performing at his peak drives Hazlewood, who is eager to contribute to his team’s success.