Taliban sack Afghanistan Cricket Board Executive Director Hamid Shinwari

Shinwari was replaced by Naseebullah Haqqani, the announcement of which has already been made on the Afghanistan Cricket Board Facebook page.

The Taliban have sacked Afghanistan Cricket Board’s executive director, Hamid Shinwari. Shinwari had posted on his official Facebook page saying that he has been fired by Anas Haqqani who is the younger brother of the Taliban’s new Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani. Shinwari said he was not given a reason for his dismissal but was informed that he would be replaced by Naseebullah Haqqani. 

It still isn’t clear whether the new Chief of the Afghanistan Cricket Board is a relative of Sirajuddin Haqqani who the FBI are in pursue of for questioning with events related to several high profile attacks on the Capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul during the Taliban’s 20 year-long war with the government that was baked by the U.S. The recent order by the Taliban to ban women from sports had received major backlash particularly in the sport of cricket where the scheduled one-off men’s Test match between Australia and Afghanistan at the Blundstone Arena in Australia was called off as Cricket Australia has decided to withdraw themselves by stating that they would not play if the women in Afghanistan are not allowed to compete in sports. Hamid Shinwari had appealed and urged the whole world to not isolate them.

“We ask Cricket Australia and the whole cricketing world to keep the door open for us, walk with us, do not isolate us and avoid penalising us for our cultural and religious environment,” Shinwari had said in a statement, reports PTI.

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