Surya Kiran Soars in Aerial Symphony Ahead of India vs Australia World Cup Clash

Surya Kiran, the renowned aerobatic team, set the skies ablaze with their mesmerizing display on Sunday, marking the final phase of their preparations for the upcoming INDIA VS AUSTRALIA WORLD CUP 2023. The enthralling rehearsal, showcased in captivating visuals, has swiftly become a social media sensation.

In a thrilling 10-minute air show, the Surya Kiran team treated spectators to a spectacular preview of their prowess. Notably, the meticulous arrangements for this aerial spectacle were set into motion, culminating in a rehearsal that soared over the stadium last Friday.


With the capacity to host 1.3 lakh people, the stadium is poised to be a cauldron of excitement as the Surya Kiran aerobatic team, comprising nine aircraft, prepares to captivate the audience just before the highly anticipated match kicks off at 2 pm on November 19th. Renowned for their breathtaking performances nationwide, the Surya Kiran team injects an additional surge of excitement into the ultimate showdown between cricket giants India and Australia.