Super 4 India vs Pakistan Live: Fans bamboozled on Rohit-Pandya conversation; Click here to know more…


Fans go bamboozled watching Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya in a “exciting conversation”

In the ongoing game between India and Pakistan, Virat Kohli is currently playing with Rishabh Pant while Rohit Sharma was spotted talking to Hardik Pandya.

It seems like Rohit Sharma instructed Hardik Pandya for a game plan or rather things which the skipper would not like Hardik to do while batting, particularly any shot or chances. Hardik Pandya nodded his head for disagreement and folded his hands infront of Rohit Sharm but thereafter concluded it by agreeing to the stated facts by the skipper.

Fans on the other hand will be trying to guess what did Rohit Sharma really instructed.