Sunil Gavaskar was not impressed with some section of fans as they were found defacing the Indian national flag

The Indian cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar was hurtful at some section of fans during India’s fourth Test match against England at The Oval.

Indian former cricketer Sunil Gavaskar was not impressed with some fans as they were found defacing the Indian national flag during the fourth Test between India and England at The Oval cricket ground. Before India won the match on the fifth day. There was something that happened that made Sunil Gavaskar very angry.

During the 5th day’s gameplay, some section of Indian fans were shown on the screen holding India’s huge flag. The fans wrote ‘Bleed Blue on the flag. Sunil Gavaskar was sitting In a commentary box and see that section of fans holding that flag. The Indian cricket legend slammed the section of fans for writing ‘Bleed Blue on the flag, which should not be written in any National flag.


“No matter how big a fan you are, do not deface the National Flag. That is how it has been, that is how it should remain,” Sunil Gavaskar said in anger on Sony Sports Network while giving match commentary.

However, no action will be taken on the section of fans defacing the Indian national flag, only because they were in England. If the fans would have done this in India, under ‘The Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971’ they would have been punished for defacing the Indian Flag.

The Indian cricket legend was fuming at that section of the fans after he spotted something on the flag. Indian fans are very loving and cheerful. Wherever the Indian cricket team plays, they feel like it’s their home only because of their fans. But according to Gavaskar, this behaviour should not be tolerated anywhere not only in the cricket stadium.