Stuart Broad misses out on making history in Ashes opener

Stuart Broad came tantalizingly close to etching his name in the annals of cricketing history as he had the opportunity to become the first bowler ever in Test cricket to achieve three hat-tricks. However, his quest for this remarkable feat was thwarted as he narrowly missed out on his chance during the Ashes opener at Edgbaston.

Broad had already made a significant impact with the ball, dismissing David Warner on the previous delivery. Warner, attempting a cut shot, ended up dragging the ball onto his stumps, falling victim to Broad’s impeccable line and length. It was the 15th time that Broad had claimed Warner’s wicket in Tests, adding another chapter to their captivating rivalry.


With the crowd buzzing from Warner’s departure, Broad found himself on a hat-trick opportunity as Marnus Labuschagne came to the crease. The tension in the stadium was palpable, and Edgbaston erupted in anticipation. Broad, unleashing his potent bowling prowess, delivered a full ball outside off stump.

Labuschagne, lacking proper footwork, succumbed to temptation and went chasing after the delivery with his hands. The ball found the edge of his bat, and Jonny Bairstow, displaying extraordinary athleticism, dived across to take a remarkable one-handed catch. The crowd roared with delight as Broad claimed two wickets in two balls.

With the stage set for an unprecedented hat-trick opportunity, all eyes were on Broad as he prepared to deliver the next ball to Steve Smith, one of the world’s finest batsmen. However, on this occasion, luck eluded Broad as he bowled a full delivery down the leg side. Smith wisely left the ball alone, denying Broad the chance to make history.

While Broad may have missed out on achieving the hat-trick milestone, his remarkable spell of bowling had already left an indelible impact on the match. His skill, accuracy, and ability to exploit the batsmen’s weaknesses had put England in a commanding position early on in the Ashes opener.