Starc Strikes Early as Shubman Gill Departs in World Cup Finals Showdown

In a high-stakes clash at the Narendra Modi Stadium, India faced an early setback as they lost their first wicket against Australia in the World Cup Finals. Starc’s precision delivery to Shubman Gill proved effective, resulting in a caught-out dismissal by Zampa at mid-on.

The delivery, slightly short of a length, prompted Gill to execute his signature short-arm jab pull shot off the front foot. However, the ball didn’t come on as expected, leading Gill to connect straighter than intended. The mishit landed in the safe hands of Zampa at mid-on, altering the trajectory from mid-wicket.


Starc’s celebratory double-fist reaction echoed through the stadium as he clinched the crucial breakthrough, sending Gill back to the pavilion after scoring 4 runs from 7 deliveries.

This early twist in the narrative sets the stage for a gripping encounter between the cricket powerhouses in the World Cup Finals at the Narendra Modi Stadium.