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Sreesanth takes on Simon Doull, calls New Zealand lucky in the 2019 World Cup Semi-Finals

The excitement is rising above and beyond as we approach the opening of the ICC Men’s World Cup 2023. With everyone giving their opinions on teams with different tactics and suggestions, India’s former pacer, S. Sreesanth, is not happy with Simon Doull.

A while ago, Doull commented on the Indian Cricket Team, stating their inability to play was ‘fearless’.


“Fearless cricket is their issue. They don’t play fearless cricket enough. They play statistics-driven cricket, and they are too worried about their stats too often. And to me, that is the one area in which I am concerned about their batting side”, Doull told Sky Sports.

This made the Indian pacer furious, and he decided to take down Doull. Sreesanth not only mocked New Zealand but called them ‘lucky’ in their 2019 World Cup semi-finals against India. He also stated that India will destroy the Kiwis when they lock their horns against each other in the 2013 World Cup.

“New Zealand is coming to India. They will get to know if India plays attacking cricket or not. We will thrash them”, Sreesanth told Sportskeeda.

Sreesanth also firmly said that if Virat Kohli gets to know about this statement from Doull, then it will be a completely different game on October 22 in Dharmshala against the Kiwis.

“I just want to tell Simon Doull that Indians are going to have a blast against New Zealand. New Zealand is going to learn a lot against India. Yes, there have been certain matches where they have done well against us, especially in ICC events. But those times have gone now. If any of these cricketers get to know what you said, and if Virat is made aware of it, it will be a lot of fun to watch that match,” Sreesanth concluded.

Ten teams from across the globe will compete against each other here in India to lift the 2023 ICC Men’s World Cup starting on October 5.