Smith’s spectacular catch dismisses Root as Australia dominate Day 2 of Ashes Test

During the second day of the Ashes Test between England and Australia, Steve Smith displayed his exceptional fielding skills by taking an impressive catch to dismiss Joe Root.

It was evident from the moment the ball left Root’s bat that he hadn’t timed it well, leading to his expression of disappointment.


All eyes then turned to Smith, positioned at backward square, as the on-field umpires referred the catch decision to the third umpire for confirmation. After a thorough examination from different angles, the catch was ruled in Australia’s favor, declaring it to be cleanly taken.

Mitchell Starc delivered a fiery short ball aimed at Root’s body, prompting him to attempt a pull shot. However, he could only manage a thick top-edge, propelling the ball high in the air.

Smith swiftly sprinted forward and made a desperate dive, managing to clutch the catch just inches above the ground. Although the ball momentarily popped out onto his body, Smith maintained his composure and secured it with his palms.

This exceptional catch by Smith not only dismissed the England captain but also shifted the momentum in Australia’s favor. With Root departing after scoring a mere 10 runs from 19 balls, Australia showcased their dominance in the ongoing match.