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Sky-High ticket prices for India vs Pakistan World Cup 2023 match spark frenzy on Viagogo

The forthcoming India vs Pakistan clash in the 2023 World Cup has ignited a frenzied ticket demand on viagogo, a prominent global online platform for sports tickets. Originally sold out on the official ticketing partner,, tickets for this marquee matchup are now being resold on viagogo at staggering prices. A South Premium West Bay ticket for the India vs Pakistan game is currently listed at an eye-popping Rs 19,51,580 each, with additional charges for shipping and home delivery.

Remarkably, viagogo still has over 100 seats available for this high-profile encounter, indicative of the enormous demand surrounding this cricketing spectacle. Prices for this match on viagogo vary significantly, ranging from Rs 66,000 to well over Rs 19,00,000.


Importantly, other World Cup matches featuring India are also commanding exorbitant prices. Tickets for the India vs England match in Lucknow commenced at Rs 2,34,632. For the India vs Afghanistan game at Arun Jaitley Stadium, there are more economical options starting at Rs 38,877 for specific sections but soaring to Rs 2,34,622 for Category A seats. Prices for the India vs Australia match in Chennai exhibit a broad spectrum, ranging from Rs 31,340 to Rs 9,31,295 per person.

Viagogo is not merely a ticket sales platform but also offers valuable features such as interactive maps to aid decision-making and free home delivery, with a nominal delivery fee applied per ticket. This global online platform’s mission is to provide customers worldwide with a diverse array of tickets for various events, encompassing sports, music, and entertainment. Moreover, users have the flexibility to sell surplus tickets, thereby broadening the reach of events, from individual sellers to event organizers.