Siraj Strikes: Santner Departs in Semi-Final Clash

In the high-stakes semi-final clash between India and New Zealand, Mohammed Siraj delivered a crucial blow as he dismissed Mitchell Santner, adding another twist to the intense encounter at the Wankhede Stadium.

The dismissal unfolded with a slow and short delivery outside off from Siraj, tempting Santner to reach out for the ball. Unfortunately for the New Zealand batsman, he managed to connect off the toe-end of the bat, resulting in a loopy trajectory towards extra cover.


Rohit Sharma, the Indian captain, showcased his fielding prowess by back-pedaling from extra cover to position himself perfectly for the catch. Demonstrating exceptional athleticism and awareness, Rohit seized the opportunity with both hands, ensuring a comfortable dismissal.

Santner, who contributed 9 runs off 10 deliveries, left the field with disappointment as his attempt to anchor New Zealand’s innings came to an end. The wicket provided India with a valuable breakthrough, keeping the momentum on their side in this crucial encounter.