Shubman Gill takes to Instagram to voice frustration over controversial WTC Final dismissal

In a moment of confusion and debate, Indian opener Shubman Gill found himself dismissed amidst controversy during Day 4 of the WTC Finals. The dismissal occurred when Cameron Green took an incredible catch at gully, but doubts arose regarding the legitimacy of the catch after reviewing multiple camera angles. Replays suggested that Green may have touched the ground while completing the catch, which should have resulted in a not-out decision. However, after a thorough review by the third umpire, Gill was eventually given out.

The dismissal dealt a blow to India, who are facing the daunting task of chasing a target of 444 runs to win the WTC Finals 2023. It was Scott Boland who claimed Gill’s wicket, consistently maintaining a good line and length around the off stump. Gill attempted to defend a delivery that unexpectedly kicked up, resulting in a fine edge that flew towards Green at gully. The fielder displayed exceptional reflexes to complete the catch, leaving both Rohit Sharma and Gill surprised by the contentious decision.


Following the controversial dismissal, Shubman Gill took to Instagram to express his frustration. He posted a story that appeared to taunt Cameron Green’s catch, hinting at the uncertainty surrounding the legitimacy of the dismissal. While the decision may have left Gill disappointed, it also showcased the competitive nature and emotions that come with high-stakes matches like the WTC Finals.