Shoaib Akhtar: Andy flower is going to replace Misbah-ul-Haq as the new coach of Pakistan cricket team

On Wednesday Former Pakistan bowler Shoaib Akhtar said that Andy flower is going to replace Misbah-ul-Haq soon as the coach of Pakistan’s cricket team.

Shoaib Akhtar on his YouTube channel said that Andy flower is going to replace him and decision to drag Misbah out has been made. Currently Andy flower is not accepting the offer because he is the coach of Multan sultan in PSL. He will take over as soon as PSL gets over.


Commenting on PCB’s committee Shoaib said that all they talk is nonsense and also they have decided to give Misbah a chance however the truth Misbah will be asked to leave the team.

Talking about Misbah , Akhtar further added that ”PCB is very clever and after every 20-25 years PCB brings in average people so that entire blame can be put on that particular person and after 6 months PCB decides to ask them to leave.”

Akthar further said: “Pakistan will next take on South Africa and if Pakistan does not create any spinning tracks, the visiting team is going to score 500 every time. defeating south Africa is the only chance Misbah have.

He also said that, all these things that PCB is doing i.e bringing in average person and ask them to run the game is utter nonsense, not only they are playing the game but also they are playing with your feelings. ” but unfortunately the pakistan cricket team is going down and I do not find any hope because PCB filled with average people all they care about is their job and salary. its not Misbah’s fault instead it is the fault of those mediocre people who brings in the mediocre person to run the game. And I hope Pakistan plays well in the next game and they are saying that Misbah will continue after the match is lie everything is decided the contract with Andy flower has sealed.