Shami Strikes Again: Mitchell Departs After Heroic Innings

In a dramatic turn of events during the India vs. New Zealand semi-final, Mohammed Shami delivered a crucial blow by claiming the wicket of Daryl Mitchell, who had played a remarkable innings. The delivery, clocking at 136.1 km/h, was full and slanting in on the pads.

Mitchell, attempting a flick, couldn’t generate enough power behind the shot, resulting in a catch. Ravindra Jadeja, stationed at deep mid-wicket, once again proved to be a reliable pair of hands for India. This marks Shami’s third fifer in this World Cup and his second against the formidable New Zealand side.


While Mitchell’s departure is a setback for New Zealand, his outstanding performance did not go unnoticed. Having scored 134 runs off 119 balls with nine fours and an impressive seven sixes, Mitchell received a well-deserved standing ovation as he walked off the field. The applause from the crowd acknowledged his heroic contribution to New Zealand’s innings.

As the semi-final continued to unfold, Shami’s impactful bowling played a pivotal role, possibly delivering the “killer blow” in this fiercely contested battle for a spot in the final.