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Sanju Samson to lead team India for West Indies tour?

The upcoming series between India and the West Indies has sparked discussions regarding potential modifications in the ODI squad.

There are indications that the ODI squad for the IND vs WI series could undergo a few adjustments to offer opportunities to emerging talents and address ongoing fitness concerns. However, it is expected that both Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, two prominent figures in Indian cricket, will be included in the squad. While Kohli is focused on maintaining his fitness and performance, Rohit is currently enjoying valuable time with his family. Their presence in the team will provide stability and bring valuable experience.


Amidst the ongoing discussions, there have been suggestions that Rohit Sharma may be given a rest for the white-ball series against the West Indies. Following a challenging defeat in the recent series against Australia, the team management might contemplate granting Rohit another chance in the red-ball format, allowing him to regain his form and confidence.

Surprisingly, reports have surfaced indicating that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is contemplating handing the captaincy to Sanju Samson. Although it may seem unlikely to give the captaincy role to someone who has been out of the team, the reports suggest a possible twist in the team dynamics.

Sanju Samson, who has been out of the national team, is expected to make a comeback, and there are high chances that he might even lead the side. His consistent performances as a classical wicket-keeper and Rishabh Pant’s absence from cricket for an indefinite period could create grooming opportunities for Samson, especially with the upcoming ODI World Cup in 2023.

While it may appear unlikely to bestow the captaincy on someone who has been out of the team, the speculations persist. The reports suggest that the BCCI is considering this decision, adding an element of intrigue to the team dynamics. As the ODI squad for the India vs West Indies series takes shape, fans eagerly await the official announcements to see how the team management shapes the squad and navigates the leadership dynamics.