Sachin Tendulkar challenges Kashmir bowler “Out Karna Padega” as he holds bat upside down

Srinagar is buzzing with excitement as cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, accompanied by his wife Anjali and daughter Sara, graces the picturesque region with his presence. Over the past few days, Tendulkar has been exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Kashmir, immersing himself in local culture, and spreading joy among fans.

During his visit, Tendulkar delighted locals by participating in a spontaneous game of roadside cricket with a group of enthusiastic boys in the valley. The cricket maestro showcased his skills, treating onlookers to some classic shots amidst the stunning backdrop of Kashmir’s natural beauty.


Taking to social media, Tendulkar shared a video capturing the memorable cricketing moment, emphasizing the harmonious blend of cricket and Kashmir’s heavenly landscapes. In the video, Tendulkar effortlessly executes lofted straight shots and stylish flicks, showcasing his timeless mastery of the game.

In addition to his cricketing escapades, Tendulkar paid a visit to the Aman Setu bridge, situated at the last point on the Line of Control in the Uri sector of Jammu and Kashmir. During his time at the Kaman Post near Aman Setu, Tendulkar engaged in meaningful interactions with soldiers, expressing gratitude for their service and dedication.

Tendulkar’s visit to Kashmir has not only stirred excitement among cricket enthusiasts but also underscored the region’s enduring allure as a destination of unparalleled beauty and warmth.