Rohit Sharma reveals shocking truth: “I have played with Sarfaraz Khan’s father in…”

The Indian cricket superstar Rohit Sharma hit a rich vein of form when he revealed his relationship with accomplished cricketer Sarfaraz Khan extended back to the reputable Kanga Cricket League in Mumbai.

The revelation came during Cricbuzz Evening Show’s Rapid Fire Round, closing doubts concerning the shared history between the India cricket vice-captain and Sarfaraz. The all-rounder candidly mentioned that he represented the same team as Sarfaraz’s father while leagues apart, bowling in the same competition years ago, strengthening his bond with the talented cricketer.


The Kanga Cricket League , iconic after the distinguished figure in Indian cricket history Hormasji Kanga, has provided the Mumbai cricketing fraternity with a talent feeder since 1948.

Rohit’s surprise revelation on playing alongside Sarfaraz’s father complements the already rich history of the Kanga League. Rohit Sharma provided his sentimental connection with Sarfaraz’s father, expressing his esteem to the player’s dad for making the player what he is today.

Rohit praises the influence previously played in the young player’s life, claiming all the success Sarfaraz has acquired emanated from his father’s guidance and advices throughout the years. Rohit Sharma’s admiration solidifies the Mumbai cricketing fraternity, interconnectedness, and the influence; other people can play in a player’s life to develop them into a great player.