Ramiz Raja suggests a proper structure, along with CEO for the Super Series

1992 World-Cup winning captain and current Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board is set to propose for the four-nation league to ICC, suggesting a separate structure and CEO.


Ramiz Raja is likely to propose the four-nations league to the International Cricket Council ( ICC), conducting an annual series, referred to as “Super Series”. The four nations that are likely to participate are India, Australia, Pakistan and England.

Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Ramiz Raja is set to propose this heartily suggestion with a structural unit of dividing the revenue generated from the series, not only among the four nation’s boards but also to the ICC. Ramiz Raja suggests keeping this Super Series separate by raising for an Ltd company with a hard-working and passionate staff, along with a Chief Executive Officer for this purpose.

Ramiz Raja quotes to break barriers for the fan’s happiness and desperately wants India vs Pakistan to resume after 9 years. He also suggests that little battles among the series will keep happening, which for the spirit of the game is healthy and will portray a good series of games. A blend of The Indo-Pak and The Ashes will be financially profitable as fans go crazy when these four teams come across each other.

Ramiz Raja will be proposing his structure unit for the Super Series soon, with the solemn barrier being the contract and laws of ICC. ICC members follow a code of conduct and are said to have very strict concepts against new suggestions.

Before this, India, South Africa and Australia used to play Champions League T20 but was not played after 2014, resulting at the end of a good tournament, which was held for 5 years.