Rahul Dravid says he was not at all offended by Wriddhiman Saha’s comments

Wriddhiman Saha revealed a private conversation between him and Rahul Dravid which caused a stir in the media.


Addressing the media after India’s 3-0 T20I win over West Indies, Rahul Dravid, India’s head coach, said that he still had the highest respect for the wicketkeeper-batsmen following a blowout from Saha regarding his future.

Saha told the media that Dravid asked him to consider retirement as an option after the South Africa series. Saha was also considered as one of the players who deserved a spot in that series but missed out.

“I’m actually not hurt at all. I have deep respect for Wriddhi and his achievements and his contribution to Indian cricket. My conversation came from that place. I think he deserved honesty and clarity,” Dravid said as he addressed the media as PTI reports. He also said that he will continue to have such difficult conversations with players as he believes such conversations should take place instead of ignoring as they might cause some backlash.

Dravid said he constantly has conversations with players regarding their career and starting XI as he believes the players who are dropped will be confused and might have questions to ask. As he himself was a player, he understands that it is natural for players to feel hurt if they are not selected.

Dravid explains why he made the decision to drop Saha from the Test Squad, as Rishabh Pant is in great form and had already established himself as the No.1 keeper and Saha would barely get playing time. H chose KS Bharat as the substitute keeper as he believed the youngster needed some experience under his belt.

Lastly, he hopes that players, over time, understand why he had the conversations with them and respect the fact that he was upfront with them.