R Ashwin becomes first Indian bowler to equal this spin legend’s record

Ravichandran Ashwin equalled legendary Indian spinner Anil Kumble’s record of most five-wicket hauls for India in test cricket during Ind v/s England, 4th test match.

R Ashwin shattered England’s batting lineup with an incredible five-wicket haul in the test cricket. It marked his 35th five-wicket haul against England in the 4th test. Despite England posting a formidable total of 353 runs in their first innings, India struggled and were all-out for 307 runs. On day 3, India’s exceptional bowling performance rattled England, reducing them to just 145 runs.

Kuldeep Yadav and R Ashwin’s remarkable bowling left the visitors struggling, raising questions about the unpredictable nature of the Ranchi pitch. Kuldeep Yadav claimed 4 wickets while R Ashwin took another 4, signaling a strong comeback. Ashwin, however, clinched five wickets, making history as the first Indian spinner to achieve the record of the most number of 5-wicket hauls. He equaled Anil Kumble’s record of 35 five-wicket hauls in test cricket for India.

Most number of five wickets haul


  • Anil Kumble – 35
  • Ravichandran Ashwin – 35
  • Harbhajan Singh – 25
  • Kapil Dev – 23
  • Bhagwath Chandrasekhar – 16

R Ashwin remains short of one five wickets haul to surpass Anil Kumble. In his 12-years long career, R Ashwin is one of the fastest to achieve this feat as compared to Anil Kumble who bagged 35 wickets haul in the span of 18 years.