Prize Money each team recieved in the ICC T20 World Cup 2022


England the cup lifters of the 2022 T20 World Cup will take home a whopping prize money of 1.6 million after defeating Pakistan in the finals at the MCG.

Babar and his team will take home half the amount of England ($ 800,000) while the two losing semi-finalists India and New Zealand will receive $ 400,000 each.

Eight teams who were not able to qualify after the super 12 stage got a decent amount of $ 70,000 per team. Following the last T20 World Cup’s criteria, each team who won in the thirty games of the super 12 stage revived $ 40,000 (per win).

UAE, West Indies, Scotland and Nambia who were kicked out in the first stage of the tournament will get $40,000 along with an additional $40,000 for each win they picked up during their first round.