“People will see orginal kohli at its best,” says his Childhood coach Rajkumar Sharma

South Africa will see the old version of Virat Kohli says Childhood coach Rajkumar Sharma

It’s been two years since Virat has scored his century in test cricket. So much has had happened in that time in Kohli’s career. Even after Virat has stepped down from his IPL and T20 cricket captaincy after the consecutive failures. It’s good till here that batsman wants to focus on his batting more in his career.

But BCCI has drawn the line that just had ignited the emotions of many people to question both sides. What’s the point of sacking Virat Kohli from ODI captaincy? While the other side, it’s time to have a new captain for every format. Under the head coach Rahul Dravid, the board has named Rohit Sharma as the captain of the T20 and ODI format.


Now Virat Kohli has only test captaincy left and how long it stays time will tell! Ahead of the test series against Rainbow nation, childhood coach Rajkumar Sharma reckons the time has come when people will witness the old Virat Kohli answer the critics with his bat.

“Last time Virat played an amazing inning in the Centurion and I hope he will play that once again. A complete mature person. Virat Kohli has leading the side for long period of haul and focus on the team performance. Well this time around, people will see orginal kohli at its best,” Coach Rajkumar Sharma said to ANI.

Coach added further, with time Kohli has become more mature about his game. The passion to do best has been seen in his game. In the series ahead, hosts will witness the version of Kohli people are waiting for. Against South Africa, Kohli has scored 3 centuries with the best score of 254 runs. And in his last innings at Centurion, Kohli smashed 154 runs.