PCB’s CEO warns his team after reports of breach in protocol by the team

Pakistan team received a shock as soon as they landed in New Zealand, as six of their players whose name shall be remained due to medical reasons were tested positive for COVID-19. The shock came as the entire team was tested negative before departure in Lahore according to PCB. The six players were directly sent to the isolation ward in managed quarantine facility. The team had permission to practice in the quarantine facility but due to these cases, an investigation is being carried in this case and the practice permission has been halted by the New Zealand board.

While two of the cases were traced as historical, the other four were termed as new cases. There were also reports that the Pakistani players were seen breaching the protocol which was set by the New Zealand government. This made the New Zealand government warn the PCB for this serious misconduct. The PCB CEO contacted the players and said them about his conversation with the New Zealand government. He said that the NZ government is very strict with respect to the quarantine protocols. He added that the New Zealand government has zero tolerance on breach of protocols set by them. He assured his players that they only have to go through these 14 days. After that as the New Zealand is at level 1 as they say it of lockdown they can go out to the restaurants and other places. He also acknowledged the fact that these players have gone through many quarantines and it takes a toll on them. They earlier went to England in similar conditions, then some of them played in the PSL. He said that it is just a matter of few days to his players.


He then added that the NZ government has warned us and gave us final warning. If there is one more breach in their protocol, they will send the team back. He said that it is matter of our nation’s pride. It won’t look good if we are sent back from there. It’s all in your hands, the PCB CEO added.

New Zealand has handled the COVID-19 situation very well as they went without reporting a single case of virus for over 100 days. When the second wave hit the country it was just a few hundred cases, which compared to any other nation which had this virus is very low figure.

New Zealand will first face the West Indies and then Pakistan. They will play 3 T20I’s and 2 tests against West Indies starting from 27th November. The matches against Pakistan will start from 10th December.