Pat Cummins Reflects on Virat Kohli’s Dismissal and Australia’s World Cup Journey

Australia’s victorious captain, Pat Cummins, recently shared insights into the pivotal moment when Virat Kohli was dismissed in the World Cup finals. Cummins, whose delivery sent shockwaves through the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, shed light on the team’s reaction during an interview with The Age.

Detailing the post-dismissal atmosphere in the team huddle, Cummins described the satisfaction of silencing over 100,000 spectators. He revealed an intriguing remark made by Steve Smith, urging the team to absorb the unusual hush that enveloped the Ahmedabad crowd following Kohli’s exit.


“In the aftermath of Virat Kohli’s dismissal, I was obviously very pumped. Later, in the huddle, Steve Smith said, ‘Boys, listen to the crowd for a second.’ We paused and absorbed the moment; it was as quiet as a library. With 100,000 Indians present, the silence was profound. I’ll cherish that moment for a long time,” Cummins shared with The Age.

Addressing Australia’s performance in the World Cup, Cummins acknowledged a tentative start but emphasized the team’s resilience. “On one hand, yes. I think we were a bit timid at the beginning of the tournament. It served as a good reality check. However, we are a formidable side, and once we committed to our playing style, I believed we would give ourselves a good shot,” added Cummins.