Pakistan’s Review Fails as Mahmudullah Survives LBW Scare in World Cup 2023 match 


PAK vs BAN World Cup 2023: In a tense moment on the pitch, Pakistan’s bowlers appealed vociferously for a leg-before-wicket decision against Mahmudullah.

The delivery from Haris Rauf, a length ball on off-stump, appeared to nip back in and struck Mahmudullah high on the pad. Pakistan, confident in their appeal, decided to take the matter to the third umpire, seeking a crucial LBW decision in their favor.


However, the Decision Review System (DRS) had a different story to tell. Upon review, it became evident that the ball was veering off its trajectory and would have missed the leg-stump. The on-field umpire’s decision was upheld, and Pakistan lost their review in the process.

This turn of events provided a sigh of relief for Mahmudullah and Bangladesh, as they continued their battle on the pitch, undeterred by the close call.