Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi’s political remark on selection committee of PCB shocks everyone


Mohammad Rizwan’s underwhelming performances have drawn harsh criticism from both cricket fans and previous players. Rizwan’s scores in three Tests since his century in the second match against Australia have been 1, 0, 19, 40, 24, and 37. In addition, Pakistan’s previous captain Sarfaraz Ahmed was a member of the team for the two-Test series. Despite this, Sarfaraz Ahmed’s last outing for Pakistan in the longest format was against South Africa more than three years ago.

Shahid Afridi, a former captain of Pakistan, thinks that Rizwan has to be under some pressure due to his poor performance. “You have to keep pressure. The more stronger the bench is, the more careful the player will be about his performance. Rizwan hasn’t been performing, and I believe that on tours like this, Sarfaraz coud have been given an opportunity,” Afridi said on Samaa TV.

“The biases about cities is going for a long time now. Someone will say, ‘this guy is from Karachi, or this guy is from Lahore’ (while talking about selection in the team). I don’t think these things should happen. Insaan ke bacche ban jaaye toh behetar hai (behave like a human being),” Afridi further said.

Afridi stated that the main problem is that politics has infiltrated everything in Pakistan, even in times of disaster like floods.